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Rivetti _ Knoll Interior 02.jpg

Rivetti Group

Operations Center

+Knoll Showroom

Rivetti _ Knoll Design 02.jpg

Category: Commercial, Interiors

Client: Rivetti & Knoll Group

Year: 1994

In the early 1990’s, The Rivetti Group consolidated their operations into a one-story, 12,000 SQFT structure. The goal of the program was to create a relaxed but serious atmosphere that cultivated staff interaction and provided visiting clients and space for product displays. The space is exactly sixty-by-sixty feet with large trusses supporting a metal roof.

At the peak of the roof is a light monitor that distributes a diffuse daylight throughout the large room. Because the client is an office furniture dealer, the staff work areas had to use the office systems sold by the dealership. In this way, office use and showroom needs were effectively combined.

The design creates a hub that is the core of the organization. The hub is a box-like structure that pinwheels, as if to rise up and meet the light monitor above. It acts as both a figure in space and a background to facilitate passage about its perimeter. This physical and conceptual center was based on the idea of a furniture container.

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