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Residential Projects

The design of residential interiors, renovations and new homes is an active art at Ro« Bianco Architects. It begins with a philosophy that engages the needs of the client by listening to their wishes. This leads to the development of architectural ideas thac embrace the specifics of site, lifestyle, fonm and artistic expression. Our constant goal is to embrace the project wich enthusiasm and realize a built-In form that exceeds expec­tations. By making tho client a partner in the process, we develop a range of solutions and ideas that emphasize appropriace materials. culture and the client's personality. As a design firm, we are committed to co-assisting the client by controlling every link in the process.


As architects, we gather as much information as possible, develop images, manipulate variables and create a range of multivalent solutions that are evolutionary. At all times, our process considers budget, schedule and image to maximize spatial con­cepts that are Interwoven with functional needs and technical proficiency. This process utilizes a methodology wher·e we expend considerable effort on models, renderings, perspectives, finish palettes, client meeting and on-site project conferences. Our pro­jects skillfully marry past and present, traditional and modern, building and landscape relationships in order to promote quality at every step. The rewards have been award­winning projects, repeat commissions, long lasting friendships with our clients and an architecture that provides a joy of its own. 

Category: Residential SF+MF, Interiors
Year: 1990

Client: Private

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